Enjoy your weekend with these activities

Today at 3 pm, The Forgotten We’ll Be Screening at Cineteca Mexiquense, a 2020 Colombian production directed by Fernando Tropa. This job comes within the framework of the “Rombo Ariel 2021” series of films. Access is free, although it’s important to remember that capacity is limited to 50 percent of room capacity. In addition to this film, during the weekend, the cinema will witness other screenings whose arrival will cost 50 pesos, such as the case of “Once Upon a Time in Venezuela” co-produced by the United Kingdom, Austria and Brazil, which will start screenings of “Noche de fuego” by Mexican director Tatiana Huizu at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., both of which will be showing tomorrow.

The University Theater Company is continuing its fifth season 2021, so today and tomorrow there will be performances of “La Caída” at 5 p.m. and “Chocolate Independencia” at 7:00 p.m. (Photo: Exclusive).

This Friday at 8 p.m. at Philippe Villanueva Auditorium, the State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra will perform the third concert of season 145, whose musical program will include works by Ebert, Tedesco and Beethoven. Guest conductor will be Gustavo Rivero Webber and guest bassist Marina Tomei. This concert will be repeated on Sunday at 12 noon at the State Music Conservatory of Mexico.

At 20:00 a concert will be broadcast by the National Symphony Orchestra in which he performed “Requiem” for Mozart, The Pyramid of the Sun by Juan Pablo Contreras and “Magnitude 8.1” by Alexis Aranda; This work refers to the 1985 earthquake. The concert will be available on the YouTube channel of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

The University Theater Company continues its fifth season 2021, so today and tomorrow there will be performances of “La Caída” at 5 pm and the play “Chocolate Independencia” at 7:00 pm. Meanwhile, on Saturday and Sunday, the film “Edipo Rey”, adapted from the work of Sophocles, will be presented. Their jobs will be at one in the afternoon. The cost of accessing any of these three jobs is one hundred pesos.

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Sunday, September 19, at 1:00 p.m. The Autonomous State University of Mexico Youth Symphony Orchestra is resuming its face-to-face concerts and will do so with the show “Viva México Orquestal” to be hosted by the Toluca Cultural Center. Entrance will be free.

The Ambulante Festival has published the last two documentaries from the “Athar wa Al-Awaa” series of films. A History against Disappearance”, which deals with the issue of enforced disappearance in Mexico. The titles with which the course concludes are “Expiatorio”, A short film from 2018, and “Vivos”, a feature film from the same year that collects testimonies of the relatives of the 43 disappeared from Ayotzinapa. Both titles are available on the Cinépolis Click platform for free.

To celebrate the 104th birthday of Amalia Hernández, the Mexican Folk Ballet will broadcast the documentary Centenario Amalia Hernández, which chronicles the career of the Mexican dancer. In addition, on the stage of Contigo en la Distancia is the show “Tribute to Amalia Hernandez”, which as a special guest hosted Mexican dancer Elisa Carrillo, the National Symphony Orchestra and the National Dance Company.



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