The UK records its hottest June on record

The dry river bed of the Marsh High Reserve, located near Marsden in northern England, on June 15, 2023 (Oli Scarfe)

Today, Monday, the British Meteorological Service said that the United Kingdom witnessed the warmest month of June since the beginning of the records, in terms of average maximum, maximum and minimum temperatures, warning that with climate change, these records are expected to rise.

The average temperature was 15.8°C, 0.9°C hotter than the previous record of 14.9°C found in June 1940 and June 1976, determined the Met Office.

The country suffered several days of sweltering heat in mid-June, prompting authorities to impose water use restrictions in the southeast of England.

“It is officially the hottest month of June for the UK, in terms of average temperature, as well as minimum and maximum temperatures, with a peak of 32.2°C,” Mark McCarthy, of the British Met Service, said in a statement. .

“What is impressive is the continuation of the heat for much of the month, with temperatures reaching around 25 degrees Celsius, and sometimes just above 30 degrees Celsius,” he added.

Precipitation was also below average, with only 52.2mm of precipitation, 68% of the average level for the month of June.

According to a study by the Met Office, the likelihood of these heat records being broken in the coming years has increased in the UK.

“In addition to natural (climate) variability, the context of warming of the Earth’s atmosphere due to human-induced climate change has increased the possibility of reaching record high temperatures,” said Paul Davies, the agency’s meteorologist.

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