What’s next for the Mexican national team in 2024 before the Copa America?

Sergio Dominguez CardosoNovember 22, 2023 at 10:44 PM ETReading: 3 minutes.

The Mexican national team has an official duel on the horizon, waiting for the duels agreed upon by the federations in preparation for the Copa America.

the Mexican national team 2023 will conclude with a friendly duel against Colombia2024 will begin with the semi-finals of the tournament The last four in CONCACAF Nations League He still keeps the plans he has close to his chest America’s CupThe technical staff is headed by Jaime Lozano Planning has been made, but the unions still have to comply with their wishes.

“We already have a plan more or less, and we know where we are FIFA dates To get all players and the player who comes before America’s Cup It’s March, when we have a commitment Nations League In the semi-finals, and after that we will have a series of matches with teams from the local league, because we cannot bring people from abroad Mexico“.

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“We try hard to get the best competitors possible. They know it’s not easy; everyone usually has competition FIFA dates This costs us a little work, but the planning is there. We have a lot of planning between now and next summer and we will take advantage of it to get there strong America’s Cup“, He said Jaime Lozano In the post-match press conference before that Honduras At the Estadio Azteca stadium.

To put an end to a year of instability and changes, as a result of the defeat in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and exit from the group stage, Mexican national team He will face Colombia On December 16 at Memorial Coliseum Park in California, USA.

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Currently selected ColombiaUnder the leadership of coach Nestor Lorenzo, the next competitor for Mexico It is the third best position in the FIFA classification that he will face in 2023, behind him Germany And United State.

In the qualifiers South American ConfederationThe South American national team is in third place with twelve points below Argentina (15) And Uruguay (13), and after six matches for a ticket to qualify for the next World Cup, Colombia He surprised with results such as a 2-1 win over BrazilWhich at the same time means the first victory for coffee over “Canarina” in that case.

Waiting for possible friendly duels so Mexican national team Agreed upon in the first months of 2024, the first official match on the horizon for the team will be against Panama In the semi-finals of The last four in CONCACAF countries League On March 21 at AT&T Stadium in Texas, USA.

In FIFA classification, Panama It is currently at step 44, after a third of the campaigns Nations LeagueThe Central American national team ranks third with the best performance, below state join And Panama, with 26 points obtained from 15 duels played. For this part, Mexico He is one step behind, with 24 points in 13 matches played in the competition.

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