The UK rail network has been paralyzed by the strike

Supports thousands of UK railway workers on Thursday The second of three days Planned train strikes, the largest since 1989, to demand better wages, with a strong impact on users and the economy.

The strike – the last one to happen on Saturday – has been called. National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT, in English), after negotiations with the Director General of Rail Network Infrastructure and private operators of the lines failed.

near 40,000 workers paralyzed the UK’s rail networkWhich forced many citizens to choose other means of transportation, such as buses or taxis, while others decided to work from home. British law does not set minimum services In the event of a strike, but Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced on Sunday that he would introduce a bill to force rail operators to implement it.

The strike will carry a high cost to the British economy, especially for the hospitality sector, according to estimates A loss of 500 million pounds (580 million euros).

Job security and higher wages

RMT’s general secretary, Mick Lynch, stated that union members will continue “this campaign of strikes until we have a negotiated agreement that brings Job security and salary increase To our members to address the rising cost of living crisis.

The UK is in crisis due to the rapid increase in Year-on-year inflation rate, which stands at 9.1%. The Bank of England expects to close the year above 10%.

Because of the impact of the force measure, the British government has indicated that it is preparing a bill that will allow companies to hire temporary agency workers to replace employees who join downtime.

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The legislative bill, which the government hopes will be approved within a few weeks, would repeal “70’s-era restrictions”, give “corporate freedom” and Preventing strikers from “holding the homeland hostage” Shell public services and businesses,” according to Business Minister Kwasi Kwarting.

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