Business is open to small and medium-sized companies in the aviation and automotive sectors in Queretaro

I wrote in Queretaro The

State Government Minister of Sustainable Development, Marco del Prete Tercero opened exhibitions and business meetings Aerospace Meetings Queretaro and Automotive Meetings Queretaro, Where will they be linked? Queretaro SMEs With large companies to start marketing operations.

“Sit with the person who is interested in the ability to sell with the person who is interested in the ability to buy and those who cannot complete the contract, we will pick them up with business intelligence,” he said.

At these events there will be meetings with assembly companies From original equipment, with Tier 1 companies and qualified suppliers in the automotive and aerospace sector, through pre-set business appointments.

These events gather about a thousand participants in these two days and have representation from countries Germany, Austria, Canada, China, Colombia, Salvador, Spain, United States, France, Japan, United Kingdom and Russia.

The Secretary of Sustainable Development and the Secretary of Labor at the Business Meeting. Alan Contreras Credits.

“We are studying 650 companies, 500 of which have to do with car meetings and the meeting space brings together 150 companies,” said the secretary during the opening of the event at the Querétaro Convention Center.

Business hours will be held as SMEs will present their products and services to local and regional companies.

In addition, the state official invited the attendees to participate in the industrial and trade fair to be held from September 7 to 9 this year, at the same place; Where there will also be a business meeting organized by him Auto block As well as a job fair that focuses on the technical sector.

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