The UK is scrapping its high-quality trademark “indefinitely” and retaining the European trademark

A new reversal for the United Kingdom after Brexit. After two years of protests, the British government announced that it would “indefinitely” suspend the entry into force of the UKCA quality mark that all products must obtain before being sold in the country, to prove that they meet quality and safety standards. legal. Instead, it will retain the CE marking used by the European Union.

One of the benefits offered by Brexit, at least in theory, is: Ability to change regulations and standards For goods sold in the United Kingdom in relation to those specified by Brussels for the Twenty-Seven. To do this, the British government established an organization that certifies products’ compliance with British regulations, granting them the UKCA mark, just as their European counterparts gave them the CE mark.

But the European Union does not recognize the British certificate, and Companies have warned of the extraordinary cost involved in having to take their products for two analyses Different instead of just one. On Tuesday, London capitulated and announced that it would accept companies continuing to use only the European certificate and ignore the British certificate.

This decision includes The thousandth proof of the difficulty of creating a parallel regulatory system from scratchIt also brings problems for British companies. On the one hand, the UK no longer has any certification center accepted by Brussels British companies will have to go to Ireland or France to certify their productsinstead of doing it in their country, like until 2021. On the other hand, London will have to accept security standards set by the European UnionBecause their companies will adapt to it and not to those created by the British Parliament.

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The Department for Business and Trade defended the decision, describing it as “a way to reduce costs and boost growth in the British economy.” The only problem is that All these obstacles that slowed growth were created by the British government itself. With its decision to leave the European Union. There is no indication that it will be the last example.

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