The UK is planning a weekend to honor the 70th Queen’s accession to the throne

Britain will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne with a military parade, neighborhood parties and a competition to create the new platinum jubilee dessert, Buckingham Palace said on Monday.

On February 6, Elizabeth will become the first British monarch to rule the country for seven decades, and the anniversary celebrations will culminate in the four-day weekend from June 2-5. It was not immediately clear what events the 95-year-old would be involved in after doctors recently advised her to get more rest.

The weekend, which includes an additional public holiday in honor of the Queen, will begin on Thursday 2 June with an annual military parade marking the Queen’s official birthday.

This will be followed on 3 June by a service of appreciation to honor the Queen’s service to the United Kingdom, its other worlds and the Commonwealth.

In a nod to the coronation chicken, a mixture of cold chicken, curry powder, mayonnaise and other ingredients served at garden parties marking the Queen’s official accession to the throne, the palace will host a platinum pudding contest to create a new dessert dedicated to the King.

The competition will be open to UK residents under the age of eight and will be judged by TV cooking personalities Mary Berry and Monica Galletti, along with Buckingham Palace chef Mark Flanagan. The winning recipe will be published before the jubilee, so it can be a part of the festivities.

About 1,400 people have already registered to host the Jubilee Luncheon on 5 June, with major events taking place in London and at The Eden Project in Cornwall. Palace expects there will be around 200,000 live events across the UK

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The weekend will end with a competition honoring the King’s service and looking to the next 70 years. The palace said dancers, musicians, military and key personnel will “tell the story of the Queen’s reign,” while children will create a picture of their hopes and aspirations for the planet.

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