The UK is investing £300 million in two AI supercomputers

United kingdom advertisement On November 1, following the conclusion of the first day of the Global AI Security Summit, which will increase funding for two artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers to £300 million ($363.57 million).

These supercomputers, also known as the “AI Research Facility,” are intended to support research to create advanced and safe AI models, which is the main theme of the summit.

In a post about the most advanced AI models being safe.”

The two new supercomputers will provide UK researchers with more than 30 times the power of the country’s largest general AI computing tools. The computers should be operational by summer 2024.

This development is also supported by the UK’s fastest computer, which will be Isambard-AI. It will be built by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and equipped with 5,000 advanced artificial intelligence chips from Nvidia.

The second device, called “Dawn,” will be created in collaboration with Dell, and will be powered by 1,000 artificial intelligence chips from Intel. In August, the UK was reported to have spent $130 million on AI chips.

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According to the UK announcement, Isambard-AI will be able to perform more than 200 petaflops, or 200,000,000,000,000,000 calculations (200 quadrillion) per second.

US Vice President Kamala Harris was also present on the first day of the summit. Before that, she and Sunak agreed on the need to “cooperate closely on the opportunities and risks posed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.”

In her speech, Harris warned of “potential cyberattacks on an unprecedented scale, up to biological weapons formulated by artificial intelligence, which could put the lives of millions of people at risk.”

He said it was “urgent” time to take collective action in this regard.

These statements from the US Vice President came just days after the Biden administration issued an executive order regarding the artificial intelligence safety standards it plans to implement.

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