King Charles calls for “urgent” action to control artificial intelligence: “huge risks” | celebrities

King Charles III appears to be concerned about the advancement of artificial intelligence. The monarch compared the use of technology to the discovery of electricity and nuclear fission during the Dome to discuss new tools.

The event begins at this fourth (01) exhibition, at Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom, and also includes the participation of Elon Musk, Dono car manufacturer Tesla and Twitter/X, and leaders of various countries, such as European powers, the United States and China.

Billionaire Elon Musk – Photography: Getty

The discussions aim to set safe boundaries for the use of artificial intelligence, taking into account different capabilities that the technology has not yet explored. Musk announced, in a disturbing tone, that artificial intelligence could lead to the extinction of human life, without clarifying what the stages of this process are.

Charles sent a video clip to the top in which he did not adopt a cautious tone, but rather an “urgent” one, comparing the topic to discussions about climate change. “We are witnessing one of the two greatest technological leaps in human history. Many of our greatest thinkers consider the rapid growth of artificial intelligence to be extremely important when it comes to discovering electricity, splitting atoms, creating the Internet, or even using fire.”

King Charles III – Image: Getty

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to completely transform the world as we know it, helping to treat diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart problems. Our journey in search of reducing polluting gases could be accelerated, ushering in a new era of energy,” he continued: “Limpa is unlimited and makes our lives easier.” A little bit,” highlighting the potential positive aspects.

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But in Charles’ view, care is essential, and it involves policies to control and direct this technological growth: “We have to work together to combat the big risks as well.”

King Charles III – Photo: reprodução/Instagram

He continued: “Artificial intelligence continues to advance at an increasing speed in models that some believe will be able to surpass human capabilities and understanding.” “There is a clear need to ensure that this technology remains safe,” he said. “Because artificial intelligence does not respect international borders, it requires international coordination and cooperation.”

At the conclusion of his speech during the event, which continues at the fifth exhibition (02), Charles called on political leaders to work so that the influence of artificial intelligence does not cause harm to democracy and the psychological aspect of society.

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