The UK is considering easing green policies that increase the cost of living for Britons

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is open to the possibility Relaxing green policies in the UK that make life more affordable for citizens, including installing heat pumps in homes to comply with the zero emission standard.

In 2019 Britain became the first member of the Group of Seven rich countries to establish a net zero carbon emissions target, But some members of Sunak’s Conservative Party criticize the agenda as too costly.

When asked whether the government is still fully committed to it It aims to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 “Of course zero is important to me… We will continue to move towards our net zero emissions ambition,” Sunak told reporters on Monday.

However, he recognized that society is facing “a time when inflation is high, which affects household and household bills. And I don’t want to do anything to make this situation worse.”

Sunak stressed that the UK will move towards net zero, however in a proportionate and practical manner It does not unnecessarily cause more inconvenience and more costs in people’s lives.”

SECRETARY GUFF: The ban on petrol cars is a stone’s throw

In the face of environmental policy pressures, the UK’s housing minister, Michael Gove, has pointed this out Great Britain maintains its plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars From 2030, however, some measures to reduce the carbon footprint of residential homes will be relaxed.

Minister Gove offered that explanation on Sunday, after the Conservatives narrowly won a parliamentary vote attacking London’s main anti-pollution policy. In particular, they oppose taxation of the most polluting vehicles.

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This can Creating uncertainty in companies Producing everything from electric vehicle infrastructure to heat pumps, at a time when the US and EU are trying to stimulate investment and decarbonize their economies.

Asked by the Radio Times if banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars was an enduring goal in Britain, Gove replied: “Yes.”

On targets for installing heat pumps in new homes, the Minister for Housing made it clear that it was important for new construction to comply with net zero emissions standards, but noted that the government had to be. Be wary of the cost of decarbonizing existing homes.

“We are facing a real challenge because of the cost of living, and what we do not want is forcing individuals to pay exorbitant amounts at this time, and we have to take a proportional approach,” he stressed.

The senior official agreed on the importance of the government moving forward. Appropriate and well thought out measures to protect the environment”, but acknowledged that “there are some specific areas where the cost to individuals risks causing a backlash”.

Goff later told LBC Radio that the government would make changes to the planned schedules to make them more feasible. “With respect to landlords in the private rental sector, the timeline in which we must meet certain energy efficiency standards will be relaxed,” he added.

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