NEWS: Venice Film Festival 2023: Michael Mann, Sofia Coppola, and David Fincher are entered in official competition

The official competition of the 80th Venice Film Festival (August 30 – September 9), consisting of 23 films, will see the great presence of American cinema (new works by Michael Mann, Sofia Coppola, Ava DuVernay, Bradley Cooper and David Fincher), Italian (Eduardo de Angelis, Pietro Castelletto, Saverio Costanzo, Gior Mateo Deletio) be the Chilean Pablo Larraín with number and Mexican Michel Franco with an English-language production as memory). The abundance of European films (15) contrasts with the meager Asian representation (only Evil does not existfrom Japanese Ryûsuke Hamaguchi).

Another aspect of the schedule that is sure to generate some controversy is the selection of new works by filmmakers in legal troubles such as France’s Luc Besson (in competition with Dogman), Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, the latter two out of competition.

Specifically, the Out of Competition section includes several well-known authors, in addition to Allen and Polanski: JA Bayona, Wes Anderson, Quentin Duboeux, William Friedkin, Cedric Kahn, Harmony Korine, Richard Linklater, Liliana Cavani, and Frederic Wiseman.

Argentine cinema will have a minimal involvement with kidnappingby Daniela Goggi, in the Horizonte Extra section (It has already been announced for the Toronto Festival) and Santiago Miter as a member of the official jury.

Besides the huge number of American stars who star in many selected films, if the union strike of SAG-AFTRA representatives is not lifted before the end of August, none of them will participate in the promotion, so the red carpet will be curtailed for the participation of directors and directors.

official competition

Jury: Damien Chazelle (Chair) Jean Campion, Mia Hansen Love, Laura Poitras, Martin McDonagh, Salih Bakri, Gabriel Mainetti, Santiago Miter and Xu Kei.

The Leader, by Eduardo de Angelis (Italy). opening film
Promised LandWritten by Nikolaj Arcel (Denmark, Germany, Sweden)
DogmanWritten by Luc Besson (France)
If a homeWritten by Bertrand Bonello (France, Canada)
horse-seasonWritten by Stéphane Brizy (France)
AnyaWritten by Pietro Castellitto (Italy)
TeacherWritten by Bradley Cooper (USA)
PriscillaWritten by Sofia Coppola (USA and Italy)
Finally dawnWritten by Saverio Costanzo (Italy)
loboWritten by Giorgio Deretti (Italy)
OriginWritten by Ava DuVernay (USA)
the killerWritten by David Fincher (USA)
memoryWritten by Michelle Franco (Mexico, United States)
io capitanoWritten by Matteo Garoni (Italy, Belgium)
Evil does not existBy Ryosuke Hamaguchi (Japan)
green borderBy Agnieszka Holland (Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium)
The theory of everythingby Tim Kruger (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
Poor thingsBy Yorgos Lanthimos (United Kingdom)
numberWritten by Pablo Larraín (Chile)
FerrariWritten by Michael Mann (USA)
The old sayingWritten by Stefano Sollima (Italy)
womanWritten by Malgorzata Szumowska and Michal Englert (Poland, Sweden)
HollyBy Fien Torch (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France)

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Out of competition – fantasy

Snow Society, written by JA Bayona (Spain, Uruguay, Chile). closing film
chance cupBy Woody Allen (France and the United Kingdom)
The wonderful story of Henry SugarWritten by Wes Anderson (USA). Half-length movie, 39 minutes long.
repentantWritten by Luca Barbarchi (Italy)
Lordine Del TempoWritten by Liliana Cavani (Italy)
livingby Alex Delaporte (France, Belgium)
welcome to ParadiseLeonardo Di Constanzo (Italy)
Daaaaaali!Via Quentin Dubeux (France)
Caine Mutiny Court MartialWritten by William Friedkin (USA)
made by meWritten by Cedric Kahn (France)
Agro Dr1ftWritten by Harmony Korine (USA)
AssassinWritten by Richard Linklater (USA)
the palaceWritten by Roman Polanski (Poland, France)
Snow leopardWritten by Pema Zeden (China)

Out of competition – series

D’argent et de sang (episodes 1-12), by Xavier Giannoli and Fredéric Planchon (France, Belgium)
I know your soul (Episodes 1-2) Directed by Jasmila Zbanic and Damir Ibrahimovic, directed by Alan Drević and Nermin Hamza (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Out of competitions – documentaries

loveBy Virginia Eleutieri Cerbieri (Italy and Lithuania)
Guernica showdown (comprehensive version)Written by Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucci (Italy)
HollywoodgateWritten by Ibrahim Neshat (Germany, United States)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Opusby Neo Sora (Japan)
Enzo Janacci I came AncioWritten by Giorgio Verdelli (Italy)
List of blazersWritten by Frederic Weismann (France)


open skyWritten by Mariana Arriaga and Santiago Arriaga (Mexico, Spain)
heavenWritten by Enrico Maria Artali (Italy)
behind the mountainsWritten by Mohamed Ben Attia (Tunisia, Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar)
The red bagWritten by Fidel Devkota (Nepal, Sri Lanka)
tatamiBy Guy Nettiv, Kaiser Amir Ibrahimi (Georgia, United States)
Heaven is burningWritten by Mika Gustafsson (Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Finland)
featherweightWritten by Robert Colony (USA)
InvilleWritten by Simone Massi (Italy, Switzerland)
hesitant woundWritten by Salman Nakkar (Turkey, Spain, Romania, France)
Heartlessfrom Nara Normandy, Tiao (Brazil, France, Italy)
On Sunday terminataWritten by Alan Baroni (Italy, Germany, Ireland)
Wind CityFrom Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (France, Mongolia, Portugal, Netherlands)
explanation for everythingBy Gabor Resch (Hungary and Slovakia)
Petrol rainbowWritten by Bill Ross and Turner Ross (USA)
At Attendant La NuitWritten by Céline Roset (France and Belgium)
Housekeeping for beginnersBy Goran Stolewski (North Macedonia, Poland, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo)
fire shadowWritten by Shinya Tsukamoto (Japan)
BedroomsWritten by Nehir Tuna (Türkiye, Germany, France)

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boot johnWritten by Luàna Barjami (Kosovo, France)
forever foreverWritten by Anna Buryachkova (Ukraine, Netherlands)
Rapture/RescueWritten by Daniela Gogi (Argentina, United States)
fight dayby Jack Huston (United States)
In the land of saints and sinnersWritten by Robert Lorenz (Ireland)
CongratulationWritten by Michaela Ramazzotti (Italy)
Boys pet shopWritten by Olmo Schnabel (Italy, UK, Mexico)
stolenWritten by Karan Tejpal (India)
Blame DarjeelBy Anais Tellini (France)

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