The UK grants full diplomatic status to EU employees

LONDON, Jan.21 (Prensa Latina) The British government said today that it will grant full diplomatic status to EU officials accredited to the UK, despite the fact that the bloc is not a country but an international organization.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said that the European Union, its mission and its staff will have all the privileges and immunities required to do their job in the UK effectively.

The spokesman pointed out that although the European bloc is a group of countries, it does not constitute a country in itself.

The British Foreign Office provided clarification. After Thursday, the BBC reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government had refused to grant the European Union’s ambassador to London, João Val de Almeida, the same full diplomatic status as others. Of the ambassadors accredited in the state.

The refusal would strip Vale de Almeida and its officials of the privileges and immunities stipulated in the Vienna Agreement or the opportunity to present their credentials to Queen Elizabeth II, as well as threatening to further cloud ties between the UK and the European alliance just three weeks after Brexit.

In response to the BBC report on Thursday, Michel Barnier, who led the European team that negotiated a trade agreement between the European Union and London, said the British government should be extremely careful about this.

The official said, according to British press reports, that the United Kingdom has been a part of this union for more than 47 or 48 years, so I hope that we can find an objective and smart solution to the situation of the European Union in London.

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In Brussels, European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano also noted that the bloc’s diplomatic status is widely recognized around the world, so he hopes the UK will treat the European delegation in the same way and without any delay.

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