The UK faces another day of strike action at 14 railway companies

Another day, employees of 14 UK railway companies They support the strike on Saturday Demanding improved salaries to meet the rising costs of living. Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Association (RMT) from 14 train operating companies maintain 24-hour force action, This caused disruption to thousands of passengers.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch expressed his regret today Inability to reach a negotiated solution to the salary dispute. “While it is encouraging that operating companies are trained You want to continue the dialogue “With us next week, it will be necessary to present a new proposal to move this dispute toward resolution,” Lynch told the media.

“Our industrial campaign will continue until we arrive Negotiated agreement on working conditions“Job security and salaries,” the trade unionist added.

In addition to railways, other sectors – such as doctors and nursesS- They have continued to be unemployed in recent months They are demanding an increase in salaries due to the high annual inflation in Britain, which reaches 6.8%.

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