The energy crisis extends to the UK. Expect power outages this winter

The last minute to look at the energy crisis as they also indicated from the UK that there will be a power outage this winter.

“While the UK is not as dependent on Russian gas as the rest of Europe, it is clear that cutting gas supplies to Europe could have indirect consequences, including extremely high prices,” according to a report by National Grid ESO, which is a subsidiary of For the company – the operator of a single British electricity network.

Meanwhile, the 20% cut in gas supplies arriving from Russia to Germany via Nord Stream 1 – the main channel for its transport – has alarmed the German government, which has accused Vladimir Putin of trying to break Western support. To Ukraine through this “punishment”.

Russia’s Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, claimed that “Russia breaks contracts and blames others”, while “Putin is playing a disingenuous game” in reference to this fact. The pipeline is currently operating at 40 percent of its capacity, which will decrease as of Wednesday to 20 percent, or about 33 million cubic meters of gas per day.

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