Offices continued to be closed in the Afghan capital – Prensa Latina

Tolo news channel indicated that the closure of offices, ministries, passport administration and banks is exacerbating the situation for the residents of the capital.

The source said dozens of Afghans came to work on Saturday, but services had not resumed.

Residents called on the armed group to open government offices as soon as possible.

Ahmad Masih, a Kabul resident who went to the Passport Department, said the Taliban announced to government employees that they would come on Saturday and start their work, but there was no one in the office.

Some people urged government employees to come and start their days as before.

Although there are no government offices open in Kabul, residents of Nangarhar province said they are open in their case.

Meanwhile, members of the Taliban leadership and its political office in Doha in Kabul met with former President Hamid Karzai and Chairman of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah.

Khama Press noted that the meeting focused on the situation in Afghanistan, the security of the population and the overall political process, among other things.

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