The UK announces new military aid to Ukraine amid a ban on funds from the EU and US.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced today, during a visit to Kiev, A A new batch of military aid to Ukraine worth £2.5 billion (about €2.9 billion) In light of the complete blockage, due to internal contradictions, of the funds that the European Union promised to send and United State.

Sunak's aid package will be delivered to Ukraine throughout 2024 and 2025. This money will help Ukraine move towards the goal of doubling its ability to produce its own weapons and receiving “the largest batch of drones” ever sent by any country, as the British government explained in a statement.

The Briton said: “Today we are going further by increasing our military aid, providing Ukraine with thousands of modern drones, and signing (with Kiev) a new historic security agreement to provide Ukraine with the guarantees it needs in the long term.” The Prime Minister during the visit..

In the agreement that Sunak referred to, the United Kingdom is committed to it Providing military assistance in a “rapid and sustainable” manner. To Kiev in case Russia attacks Ukraine again once the current conflict ends.

These “security guarantees” are valid for 10 years, and will lose their value if Ukraine joins NATO and remains under NATO's protection. The agreement could be extended if Ukraine does not join it NATO In that period of time.

By signing the agreement with Ukraine, the United Kingdom becomes The first G7 country to fulfill its commitment to provide these security guarantees to Ukraine. Members of the club of the seven most industrialized democracies in the world made this promise at the NATO summit hosted by Vilnius last summer.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sign a military aid agreement in Kiev Ukrainian-British diplomacy
Oleg Petrasyuk

An “unprecedented” agreement.

ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyGermany celebrated the signing of what it described as an “unprecedented security agreement” that represents a “milestone in European history.” “This is not a simple statement,” the Ukrainian head of state declared, adding that the current Russian aggression would not have happened if the United Kingdom and other countries had provided security guarantees of this kind after Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, in 2013. 1991.

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The Ukrainian leader added that the “common goal” of Ukraine and the UK is “Ensuring that the attack on Ukraine will not be repeated once the current Russian aggression stops.”

At the same press conference, the British Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the agreement to prevent armed aggression, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, from being repeated in the future.

He added: “If Russia attacks again, we will provide Ukraine with the support it needs.” Sunak said: “Fast and strong security support, modern weapons for land, sea and air defense, economic support and sanctions that will come at Russia’s expense.”

Given the environment of international doubts about continued financial and military support for Kiev, Sunak wanted to reaffirm the UK's commitment to the Ukrainian issue.

“I am here today with a message: the UK will not give up. “We will be with Ukraine in its darkest hours and in the best times ahead,” said the UK Prime Minister, as, unlike what is happening in other countries, there are no contradictions between the main political forces in Ukraine. Need to continue to support Kyiv.

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