SpiderMan: A film censored in the UK due to a controversial phrase

In the UK, they censored the first Spider-Man movie for using a homophobic phrase: we're telling you the details

Less than a month before 20 years since the first Spider-Man film starring Tobey Maguire hit theaters worldwide, It is still talked about all over the world and in 2022 it was no exceptionSince he's been in the news again, now in the UK, Subject to censorship when a phrase is deletedfrom one scene in the original format, is considered homophobic.

It became relevant thanks to the fact that a Twitter user named @PaperPlaneTF realized that in Spider-Man 1 they removed part of Peter Parker's character dialogue and replaced the original phrase with a voice overlay saying “That's a nice costume” (“That's a nice costume.”)

Why did they delete this scene?

This has been happening ever since in the UK They considered that phrase anti-gay It was removed from the movie scene.

  • It all happens, in the original form of the film, when Peter Parker already has full knowledge of his superpowers and decides to use them to make some money by fighting in a cage, where he has a character named Bonesaw as his rival. In the original footage, our spider friend grabs the top of the cage to prevent his opponent from grabbing him and says, “Hey, nice costume. Did your husband give it to you?” (β€œHey, nice suit. Did your husband give it to you?”).


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