The UK Ambassador to Mexico plays and dances with a band on Mazatlan beach | video

John Benjamin, UK Ambassador to Mexico He declared himself for the Sinaloa squad, On his visit to Mazatlán to observe the total eclipse on April 8, he took the opportunity to spend some time on the beach and Play and dance with a group Of this type of music.

“Playing here with a band from Sinaloa on a beach Mazatlan. ¡YoI cordially invite Mr. Ernesto Coppel To accompany me as a singer!”, the ambassador said, calling on the Mexican businessman who in the past has expressed his dissatisfaction with the noise created by these music groups due to his foreign clients complaining about him.

With a white shirt, black pants and dark glasses, the ambassador could be mistaken for another musician, as he can be seen in the video he shared. Playing the bass drum To the beat of banda music with Edgar Gonzalez, the mayor of Mazatlán, who played the drum.

Later, Benjamin was encouraged to do so Show off your best dance moves Together with the mayor and together, they praised the performance by the Sinaloan group.

¡We Brits love Sinaloa! Ambassador John BenjaminMusic lovers cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this genre on the beaches of… Mazatlan, They will get itThe official account of the embassy on the “X” Twitter website was mentioned previously.

On March 28, hundreds of musicians took to the streets of Sinaloa City Protest against hotel owners Which seeks to prevent these gangs from visiting the beaches, due to complaints from foreign tourists.

Photo: Cuartoscuro Archive

After the events, Edwin Kazsinger Company groupHe met the hotel businessman Ernesto Koppel and I got their support for Let bands play on the beaches.

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This situation generated controversy in which the most frequently used word was OptimizationIt is a phenomenon that occurs, according to the United Nations, “when the process of urban renewal and reconstruction is accompanied by an influx of middle or upper-class people who… This usually results in the displacement of the poorest residents Areas of intervention.”

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