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MEXICO CITY – Mexico filed a formal complaint on Thursday before the International Court of Justice against Ecuador over the violent entry of its police forces into the Mexican embassy in Quito and announced that it would request the suspension of the Andean nation's membership in the United Nations until promulgation. Apologize for your actions.

Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena said at a conference that government representatives had submitted to the international body a request for measures against Ecuador “due to its blatant violation of the sanctity of our embassy, ​​as well as the physical attacks committed against our diplomats,” in reference to the events that occurred at the Mexican diplomatic headquarters on April 5. , which led to the arrest of former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, who had been residing there since last December, and was granted political asylum.

Bárcena noted that as part of the lawsuit, Mexico will demand “the suspension of Ecuador’s membership in the United Nations until a public apology is issued that recognizes violations of the basic principles and rules of international law.”

Likewise, the Chancellor specified that the document would request that the International Court of Justice be declared as the appropriate body to determine the responsibility of a State in order to initiate the process of expulsion from the United Nations when it carries out actions similar to those carried out by Ecuador. .

“It is so important to avoid a recurrence of these cases that the International Court of Justice may present the expulsion of a state violating international law quickly and expeditiously before the UN Security Council, avoiding a veto by its members,” Bárcena said when asked. The multilateral system and international justice to unequivocally condemn and punish “serious violations that have occurred and avoid a precedent of impunity.”

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In this sense, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed on Thursday in his morning conference that his government seeks, through the lawsuit against Ecuador, “not to repeat a despicable event like the one that Mexico suffered, especially its diplomatic representation.”

For his part, the legal advisor to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alejandro Silorio Alcantara, stated that as part of the process, temporary measures will be requested from the international court until Ecuador guarantees the security of the Mexican embassy in Quito, which has been closed. It has been abandoned since Sunday when diplomatic staff left the country after Lopez Obrador ordered the severing of ties with Daniel Noboa's government.

The images were recorded by security cameras

Regarding the next measures to be taken by Mexico, the Chancellor announced that she was considering the possibility of filing “a criminal accusation as well, meaning that the violation was of this magnitude on the one hand on property and buildings, but also on people.”

Regarding the repercussions of the diplomatic crisis, Bárcena said that due to the collapse of relations, negotiations on the trade agreement that Mexico and Ecuador were discussing were suspended.

The Ecuadorian police raid on the Mexican embassy was rejected by about thirty countries in the region and Europe and eight international organizations, including the Organization of American States, which the previous day approved a strong condemnation against Ecuador.

Although the majority of OAS members objected to the actions of Noboa's government, its Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfeld maintained that the decision was “fair” and assured that Ecuador would respect its version of events.

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When asked by the press whether the Ecuadorian government was prepared to issue an apology for its actions, Sommerfeld responded that “this is not up for discussion at the moment,” but that she was open to strengthening relations with all countries.

This week, Mexico released unpublished videos that showed the moment Ecuadorian agents stormed its diplomatic headquarters last Friday night and, after pushing and subduing the head of the Mexican consular section, Roberto Canseco, detained Glass, who was staying there. Since last December after he was accused of corruption.

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