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This activity was attended by Senior Chancellor Mgr. Jorge Concha Caiqueo and Rector Alero Borquez, who confirmed that this faculty is the heart of the University of Cape Town.

Practicing transparency and openness to society was the first public account of the Faculty of Religious Sciences and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Temuco. The process was innovative because this unit is the first of its kind to implement this administrative procedure.

The activity was the result of a decision by the House of Studies that seeks to communicate progress and challenges to the entire university community as a precursor to the public account to be implemented by the Rectory which will take place on September 8th.

The event was chaired by the Senior Chancellor, Mgr. Jorge Concha Cayocchio with the Rector of UCT, Aliero Porquez Ramírez, and made it possible to know the progress of the implementation of the faculty strengthening plan, strategic project portfolios and self-evaluation of universities. UCT of the accreditation process that a higher education institution goes through.

It is worth noting that this initiative was put forward as the beginning of an unprecedented process of public accounts for the faculties and units affiliated to the Dar al-Studies, which aims to educate the community about the work carried out by the faculties and vice-rectors of the Catholic University. Temuco.

Soon, it will be the turn of the Faculties of Technical and Health Sciences, as well as the Vice Rector for Public Engagement and Engagement. It is important to say that starting from next year, this measure will cover all faculties and vice-faculties of UCT, thus being an opportunity to advance the transparency of the university project.

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Impressions from the authorities

Once the public account was finalized, the Grand Chancellor, Jorge Concha Caiqueo, stated that “the account presented by the Faculty is something very positive for the University, as the values ​​that UCT aspires to are expressed, which are transparency, excellence and the awareness of the whole society of what each Faculty does and the achievement of the goals suggested.

In turn, the ecclesiastical reference added that “the Faculty of Religious Sciences and Philosophy is at the heart of the character of the university’s identity, and for this reason its achievements are of great importance to the entire community. This allows us to insinuate that the next will be improved and the achievements will be consolidated. This has been a positive balance, allowing us to anticipate that we will continue down this path, and now the College is challenged to promote itself in research, so that it can offer an attractive opportunity to new students.

The same opinion was expressed by Rector Alero Porquez Ramírez, who emphasized that “the Faculty of Religious Sciences and Philosophy is what characterizes our identity and therefore should serve as a model for the rest of the university. I’m so glad we’re starting this exercise, and we have to commit to showing our faculty the work. And I’m glad it happened after we set these important challenges, because one always looks at the overall results for a university, but it’s hard to rank them at the college level. I congratulate the efforts of the dean and the executive team who have contributed to achieving these things. We are on the right track and the university is very committed to this college.”

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For her part, Felisa Solar, Vice-Chancellor for Quality and Strategic Management at UCT, confirmed, “We are very pleased to start the practice of public account within the framework of the implementation of our institutional quality assurance system, which allows without a doubt that we have to progress in the processes of transparency, but this transparency is not only As a value that marks our seal, but also as a path we build collectively to strengthen the bonds of trust that underpin the work of our community.

Finally, Sandra Arenas, dean of the Faculty of Religious Sciences and Philosophy at the Catholic University of Temuco, added that accountability is “an exercise we haven’t done before, so it puts us on a horizon of transparency that involves community.” Responsibility in relation to our nature and mission. What do we do, how do we do it, how do we rely on ourselves, and with what budget do we work. All of this implies a public reckoning, which is why it forces us to organize our academic work on the basis of these questions. The authorities are very grateful for the work done by the faculty team, for the leadership we have given them in recent years, for the progress we have made in a short time and the commitment we have made in meeting challenges, especially in terms of gaps, academic botany, investigations and publications.”

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