They offer cancer rehabilitation treatments

Juarez- Onamican Comprehensive Cancer Center offers cancer patients physical oncology therapies and lymphatic rehabilitation, sessions provided by physiotherapist Iris Rivera, a specialist in this form of recovery.

Care begins in September, so the foundation is inviting the community that has this condition to make an appointment and get rehab that will be free, according to information posted by Onamican on its website. Facebook.

“It is important that they attend, because it is voluntary support from our physiotherapist, who is in the best condition to help her patients,” they say in an open invitation to those who need it.

Iris Rivera announced that as an oncologist and lymphatic rehabilitation specialist, in association with Onamikan, he is at service to the community by providing these rehabilitation sessions starting next month.

Persons with any of these conditions are welcome to come to Onamican, in order to schedule a treatment appointment in September. The physiotherapist said appointments are on phones (656) 324-4186 and (656) 358-0592.

Onamican staff reported that this is an oncology healthcare center that offers medical consultations, treatments, psychological and nutrition counseling, biopsy counseling, surgeries, chemotherapy and mammography.

The group consists of doctors specializing in the treatment of cancer, psychologists and volunteer staff who are willing to cooperate in the various fields dealt with in the association.

They also noted that due to the increase in cancer rates, which have escalated dramatically in recent years, the need arose to form an association providing medical and psychological support, prevention and detection studies, as well as raising awareness among the population of Ciudad Juarez through talks.

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It was emphasized that given the increase in the incidence of this disease, it is important for society to realize that it should be reviewed for any symptoms that indicate something is wrong with their body, because prevention and timely care are the best weapons against cancer.

Representatives of this group said that people should get the appropriate tests when they feel something is wrong, since early detection is more treatable, not allowed to progress and treatment is more feasible.

Onamican, which in Rrámuri means “cancer doctor”, is an association concerned with men and women with low economic resources, who are supported by a consulting service on oncology, psychology, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, chemotherapy and therapy.

It was announced that the center’s goal is to contribute to the physical and emotional health of breast cancer patients, as well as to provide support to patients with other types of cancer to increase their quality of life, through prevention, detection, and medical and psychological care. .

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