The tool that mimics the voices of celebrities

“I’ve been trying to be anything but Rebecca for a long time, but…not as long as I’ve been studying.”

Alicia and Julia launch a plan to extract data from ADA’s servers. The first move is to impersonate his sister Rebecca, an employee of the company. Fooling the cameras with his new look would be easy, but “And the people over there?” Thus begins the sixth chapter of Titania An audio thriller from Banco Santander and the Podium Podcast, that builds a suspenseful story based on wit and a virtual world.

Thanks to the skills of Julia Suanzes, a former ADA employee, she manages to simulate the voice of Lucas’ school secretary, Rebeca’s son, to call her and get her to quit work so Alicia can impersonate her.

Artificial intelligence that mimics the voices of famous characters

If you’ve heard of a deepfake You will know that it is a photo or video in which the appearance of a person, usually their face, is imitated. These are the technologies and artificial intelligence that have improved in recent years and have become a double-edged sword, because the main idea of ​​this invention was to satisfy curiosity or have fun. One of the most famous cases is that of Tom Cruise.

However, as in many cases, the deep They’ve crossed a line into the dark side of looks and sound emulators. Because yes, there are also voice mimics, but they are less popular than facial simulators, the use of which has also crossed the line, turning them into pornographic and humiliating uses. Artificial intelligence systems that simulate voices are advancing very quickly, and although it is noted that the voice is artificial, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is making the voice more and more accurate to the original person.

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Have you ever imagined that Freddie Mercury sings the greatest hit Billy Jean, Michael Jackson? Well, with artificial intelligence, it is now possible to mimic the voices of the most famous artists.

The most famous trick with Deep Voice

The first case in which a fraud was detected through voice manipulation dates back to 2019, in which a group of criminals tried to get €240,000 by simulating the voice of the CEO of an energy company in the UK. Although they did not finally reach the goal.

In 2020, a group of cybercriminals defrauded an Emirati bank manager out of $35 million. The banker receives a call from an important client informing him that he is about to complete a deal to buy a company with this amount. In all honesty, the manager formalized the transfer to two accounts whose number he received via email. However, it was all a scam. This cyber criminal used a deep voice to simulate a real customer, so he managed to defraud the bank and get $35 million.

“If I was programmed to have feelings, I would be so angry right now. I want to be your friend Alicia. Unplug your device before it’s too late. Unplug and I will gift you happiness that you dare not even dream of.”

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