The terrifying moment the plane swayed upon landing in the UK

Bad weather is undoubtedly one of the Worst times to travel Especially in United kingdom And Ireland Countries hit by the storm Gerrit Who came from Atlantic Last Wednesday, which caused Hurricane winds And floods as well Effects On flights.

This is further complicated by dates that existed a few days ago Completion in 2023Thousands of people are looking forward to moving to different places to reunite with their families or friends, a task made difficult by flight cancellations and travel restrictions. traffic To avoid what happened to the captured plane Swinging In full decline.

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Video: A plane shakes as it lands at Heathrow Airport

This was through the X account @BigJetTVLIVE, where a video was posted Boeing 777from Angels to American Airlines Which swung across the landing strip, causing this to happen the horror Among those present.

The bizarre moment was captured by Big Jet TV owner Jerry Dyer, who films it regularly Live broadcast at airports From all over the world to watch incoming flights, this was done on December 27, which coincided with Storm.

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This is how he managed to capture the exact moment The plane is shaking Due to the bad weather, you can see it moving from side to side as it falls, tilting slightly to the left before… bounce, rebound A little until he can finally brake and stability slowly.

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