Spain and the United Kingdom will share the use of Gibraltar Airport

Spain and the United Kingdom will jointly use Gibraltar Airport, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation José Manuel Albarez confirmed. In an interview with Europa Sur, he noted that although “there is no closed agreement”, there is a “very important approach” in the negotiations with the UK and the EU (hotel owners in Cadiz, beyond the capabilities of Gibraltar attracted the British).

“This will benefit this area of ​​shared prosperity, the development of Campo de Gibraltar and the strengthening of connectivity, which is not optimal at the moment,” the government representative celebrated.

It will also allow “tourism to develop and recover naturally, which is what has happened many times in the history of Campo de Gibraltar, which is that there are commercial flights with Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as already happened, for example, between 2006 and 2006.” 2011,” he continues.

He points out at the present time that “I cannot go into details.” He added: “All parties agreed on April 12 not to go into additional details about the statement we issued, until everything is agreed upon.” “And also out of courtesy towards the other negotiating parties.”

What it denies is that this agreement is a means of legitimizing the UK’s occupation of Gibraltar. “The position of Spanish claim to sovereignty is fully and completely protected in the agreement and no part of it has been ceded.”

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