The taste of whiskey remains isolated for fear of losing smell and taste

Great taste of whiskey Blair Bowman Fears of transmission of Covid-19 infectionnosmia and age, which causes changes in the sense of smell and taste, two senses essential to his activity, which is why he lives to this day confined to his home, in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is restricted to going out for a brief period.

As it relates to BBC, has been in this position since March of last year, with now self-restricted from Just go out for a walk and do your weekly shopping, while before the coronavirus pandemic he was dedicated to touring the world at corporate events.

“at present, The stakes are too high for me“, She said Bowman to the BBC, describing his case as something “Very surreal.”

“I made this decision and I reconciled with it. I am doing the right thing for myself and others. There is still a risk, despite being vaccinated twice. We can still spread this virus among us.”

If the situation continues to emerge, not only because Scotland, over the previous several months, relaxed many measures, but also because of the situation the UK is going through today, before a new wave of infections and the arrival of the omicron variant of Covid-19.

The alcohol specialist is 31 years old and so far has been doing business online, mainly working Get old and curious drums, which are passed on to their customers to savor the events.

It ensured that, notwithstanding the present circumstances, “My business is boomingIt’s actually growing a lot, because I can do a lot with Zoom.”

“I am very fortunate to do a job that I love, which is smelling and tasting whiskey, working with clients and advising on projects all over the world. My life is largely a virtual world and it has been since the rest of the world started opening itself up.

He also asserts that he had to “reject dozens” or “maybe hundredsFrom business proposals, which are linked to events, and which are meticulously savored.

currently, You have not been to a canteen or restaurant for more than 20 months In addition, his trips to Norway, Japan, Macau, Ghana, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and China have been suspended after the coronavirus pandemic was revealed.

“I cannot and do not intend to do so in the near future. Until the science becomes very clear about the risks. The idea of ​​going to a gala dinner, an awards dinner party, or a big reunion doesn’t work for me at all at the moment. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable with that because of the scale of the stakes.”

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He stressed that “nOr I would like to take a risk that could endanger my sense of smell, which is very important for my livelihood,” noting that with his partner, who is also carrying out his online activities after Covid-19 in the world.


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