“The summit must make coal from history”: COP26 Chair

EFE.- Britain’s Alok Sharma, president of the COP26 scheduled to be held in Glasgow (Scotland) next November, believes that this summit is on climate change. “Coal must be made in the past” in order to tackle climate change.

In a speech on Friday in Glasgow (Scotland), which the organization provided in a statement, Sharma will point out that the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will in six months, represents the “best opportunity” to build a greener future. And cleaner.

According to the note, it will show how the UK is working with all countries to make a concerted effort in four areas: Reducing global warming to 1.5 degreesEmpowering communities and natural habitats to adapt to the impacts of climate change, mobilizing climate finance, and cooperating in taking necessary action.

The memo indicated that the intervention will have a strong focus on the importance of ending the global dependence on coal and on renewable energy opportunities.

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“If we’re serious about 1.5 degrees, then Glasgow should be the COP that sends coal back to history.” We are working directly with governments and through international organizations to reduce international coal financing. This is a personal priority. And urging countries to give up coal energy, with the leadership of the Group of Seven major countries, “he would point.

The note states that In 2012, 40% of the UK’s electricity came from coal, A number that has now been lowered to less than 2%.

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COP26 will be held between 1 and 12 November and will bring together negotiators from 196 countries, as well as business, organizations, experts, and world leaders.

“While preparing for this speech, I asked my daughters what message I should convey to world leaders about their priorities. His answer was simple: “Please tell them to choose a planet.”. And this is the message that I want to leave with you today. A message from my daughters. A message from future generations. “

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