How to activate new Google Assistant shortcuts to use your favorite apps by voice

At the end of last year, The Google Assistant Improved integration with third-party applications thanks to new ShortcutsIts new, customizable voice commands that allow us to perform certain actions using our favorite apps.

Since its launch, this feature was only available in English, but that’s for now New acronyms are beginning to arrive in the Spanish language. It’s already available in beta version of the Google app, so it takes days before it reaches all users.

If you want to create a file New shortcuts You just have to click In this linkAnd the Sign up as a tester From the Google app and install the update that you will receive from the Play Store.

Create shortcuts in Google Assistant

This new feature was found in Google Assistant settings. To access this section we just have to open the Google app, click on the tab ‘More’, Entry ‘Settings’ and then Google Assistant.

There you will find the section Abbreviations. In this window, you can discover all the shortcuts that you can add to Google Assistant to control compatible apps. At the top, you’ll see suggestions for shortcuts and at the bottom a list of compatible apps.

Google Assistant Shortcuts

By clicking on each compatible app, you will see shortcuts that you can add to Google Assistant. For example, you can add voice commands to open a tab in Chrome, post a tweet, send an email, upload a file to Drive, send Bizum with BBVA, create a contact, etc … to add a shortcut you just have to Click the “+” icon.

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Google Assistant Shortcuts

In the tab Your shortcuts You will see all the voice commands that you have activated in the assistant. There you can delete or modify them. Editing allows you to change the voice command to another phrase that sounds natural or easy to remember. For example, the command to send an email with Gmail is “Hey Google, create” but using its editor you can change it to “Hey Google, send a mail.”

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