The story of the Argentine mathematician Alicia Dickenstein, who represents the image of the main airports in the world | “The world needs science, science needs women”

Neither Lionel Messi nor Diego Maradona nor Pope Francis. Another person born in Argentina is the main image of the world’s major airports. it’s about Alicia Dickenstein, Ph.D. in Mathematics, specializes in algebraic geometry and UBA professor, which was featured last February by L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science, the organization that publishes the work of women scientists.

In airport corridors Shanghai, Osaka, Dubai, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles It is possible to see large posters hanging from the ceilings where thousands of travelers travel. And in it the image of the woman is accompanied by the phrase “The world needs knowledge, and science needs women.” Dixten is one face of the campaign: the CONICET Doctor of Mathematical Sciences is recognized for her fundamental contribution to algebraic geometry and its applications. She is the first Argentine mathematician to win the prize.

“When I found out, I was so happy and grateful to have this international recognition, especially because it is difficult to appreciate the work of mathematics for the general public. I hope this award will help girls and teens learn that this profession exists, that it is very creative, and that it is increasingly connected to other sciences. Thus, it encourages them to study mathematics”, as the Doctor of Mathematical Sciences expressed to the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) at the time of receiving the award.

In addition to his numerous activities that are distributed between teaching and research in Argentina and various foreign countries, in 1996, Dickenstein became the first female director of the Department of Mathematics in the UBA School of Exact and Natural Sciences, a position he held until February 1998.

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For its part, Argentina received 9 women scientists recognized in the L’Oréal-UNESCO International Prize for Women in Science in previous cycles: 7 winners and 2 in the emerging talent category. In this way, Argentina becomes the country in Latin America with the largest number of L’Oréal-UNESCO International Prize winners.

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