Camila Osorio concluded her first year as a professional on a high note: This was the 2021 season | Sports

Camila Osorio started 2021 as Colombian tennis promises and ended the year as a reality. Cocotina have had a dream season and now aim to be the best in the country’s history in the sport.

The year began for Camila Osorio with 186th place in the WTA rankings and with the previous stage of the Australian Open. The Colombian dreamed of entering the main draw of a Grand Slam for the first time, but was one win away from achieving it. She defeated Barbara Haas and Hailey Baptiste, but in the final she fell to Clara Burrell.

Then came three ITF tournaments in the United States, where he gained confidence. He reached the quarter-finals in two of them (Orlando W25 and Boca Raton W25).

After these tournaments, Camila Osorio played the preliminary stage of the WTA 250 in Monterrey (Mexico) and secured a place in the main draw. However, she was eliminated in the first round by Kaja Jovan.

In the following tournament, it can be said that the glorious season began for Camila Osorio, as she was invited to the WTA 250 in Bogotá. In Colombia he achieved five victories and got his first title. He beat Sachia Vickery, Teresa Martinkova, Stephanie Fogli, Harmony Tan and Tamara Zidancic.

The good series moved on to the WTA 250 in Charleston (USA), where he took three wins and reached the semi-finals. Astra Sharma finished her second title dream.

The season went on successfully at the WTA 250 in Belgrade (Serbia). The Colombian started in the preliminary stage, entered the main draw and reached the semi-finals, The tour that Anna Kogoh eliminated

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After her title and semi-finals, Camila Osorio reached number 98 in the WTA rankings.

It’s time to try again to get to the main drag at the Grand Slam. Camila Osorio overtook Roland Garros preliminary stage with three wins and fulfilled a dream. Unfortunately, Madison Pringle sent her in the first round.

On the way to Wimbledon, he played the WTA 250 wedge in Nottingham (UK), but was defeated in the first round by Katie Poulter.

At Wimbledon, Camila Osorio took all three qualifying victories to enter the main draw and then reached the third round, where Eliminated by Arina Sabalenka . Great performance by the Colombian at the Grand Slam.

Thanks to some victims on the preliminary roster, Camila Osorio was able to play the Tokyo Olympics, but it was a fleeting move because it was. Defeated in the first round by Viktorija Golubic .

On her way to the US Open, Camila Osorio played the WTA 1000 in Cincinnati and the WTA 250 in Chicago, in both tournaments being eliminated in the first round. She defeated Anna Plinkova and Victoria Golubek.

For the US Open, the Colombian entered directly into the main draw and reached the second round, where Anas Jaber finished his dream .

Camila Osorio in the United States went on to compete in the WTA 500 in Chicago and the WTA 1000 in Indian Wells. She defeated Teresa Martinkova and Alexandra Sasnovich, respectively, in the first round of those tournaments.

After this tour in the United States, despite the defeats, Camila Osorio reached 63rd place in the WTA rankings and Become the best Latin American in the ranking

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She traveled to Spain to compete in the WTA 250 in Tenerife, where she faced world number six Elina Svitolina in the first round. She defeated Camila Osorio of Ukraine and He achieved the most important victory of his career in terms of standings.

She then left Myar Sharif, Zeng Saisai and Camila Giorgi on the road to reach the final, where she was overtaken by Ann Lee.

After the match, Camila Osorio announced the end of her 2021 season and preparations for next year would begin.

The 19-year-old Kokotina played 52 matches in 2021, of which she won 35 matches and lost 17. She won the title, earned a translation and reached the semi-finals.

2022 is coming, the year Camila Osorio scores big goals and hopes to surpass what the best Colombian in history, Fabiola Zuluaga, who was a Grand Slam semi-finalist and 16th in the WTA rankings, did. Will you do that?

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