“The Squid Game” leads to the sale of one of the Vans tennis models. Which one is it?

“squid game” It established itself as the favorite Netflix series, but Not only has it made a huge impact on the visual content platform, but it has moved into the fashion world much more than that, by placing the Tennis Vans model among the best sellers.

It is the classic vintage style strapless model in white, one of the most popular Vans . brand This was done by the characters competing for the award for the Korean series “The Squid Game”.

According to the UK sales website, the sole provider, Sales of Vans white slip-on shoes have increased 7,800% in recent weeks Since “The Squid Game” debuted.

Now fans of the series want to wear the same shoes from the series, perhaps before the upcoming Halloween celebration.

Vans sneakers are a timeless design from the brand, from the “Off the wall” collection.. It has a perforated cotton lining and according to its sellers it provides excellent comfort as it has no laces, so it is very easy to put on and take off easily.

“The Squid Game” is shaping up to be the most successful series Netflix all the time.



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