The specialist points out that you shouldn’t make iCloud backups

Are you using iCloud backups? In this case, we want to show you information that could make you change your mind.

While backups are essential to protect our information, as far as iCloud and these copies are concerned, it doesn’t seem like the best idea.

magazine Forbes General An article in which cybersecurity expert Zach Duffman explains that this Apple service is not as secure as it is believed.

Doffman points out that platforms like Signal and WhatsApp are more secure than iMessage with iCloud backups.

The expert said that Apple can easily access iMessage content despite the fact that they have end-to-end encryption.

As reported by Forbes, Apple can decrypt and deliver iMessage conversations to law enforcement authorities upon request by law enforcement.

Apple Keys and Encryption

The same company confirmed this by saying that “Apple is keeping the encryption keys (from iCloud) in its data center located in the United States.

ICloud Content, as it is in the Customer’s account, may be provided in response to a search warrant issued upon establishing the probable cause or consent of the customer.

Dufman notes that when many believe it is justified to break end-to-end encryption to support law enforcement, the problem is that any key or door represents a security vulnerability in the application, which should protect the personal data of each user.

Plus, the expert also clarifies that when it comes to an Apple A change in the mobile phone configuration can prevent a company from using iMessages, allowing it to improve the security of all private information.

Whenever a user allows to create a backup of incloud on their Apple computers, what the company is doing is storing a copy with its end-to-end iMessage encryption.

By removing the configuration to create iCloud backups, a new encryption key is created on the device to protect future messages, which will not be saved by Apple, although it indicates deactivation of the iCloud public backup which can speak of a problem if the user loses their phone Mobile.

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