Germany and France placed conditions on the free entry of the British

France is studying the possibility of this UK excluded from ‘green list’ From countries outside the European Union (EU), with which there will be no travel restrictions when the borders are reopened, and this is due to the extension of the Indian alternative there. Starting Sunday, Germany has already imposed a period Two weeks of isolation For travelers from the United Kingdom.

The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, did not say clearly that the UK could go to the Red List of traveler sending countries, but the British, Even those who are vaccinated can “receive an average treatment”, Which will apply in all European Union countries, although each country may or may not impose its own restrictions.

The possible exceptions with the United Kingdom by the union are due to Fear of the Indian variant of the virusWho grows in that country.

Germany imposes isolation

In fact, due to the extension of the Indian alternative, Germany has imposed since Sunday on people coming from the UK An isolation period of two weeksEven for those who can submit a negative Covid test.

For its part, Spain announced this Friday It will open its borders from Monday to travelers from the UK It is also nine other countries outside the European Union that are classified as “safe” (Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Thailand and Rwanda). On June 7, Spain will open without restrictions to those who have been vaccinated from any country.

However, Spain remains on the UK amber list and at the moment there is no talk of reciprocity from the British side, as we explained in Spain, it allows people who have been vaccinated from any country to enter as of June 7 and in Spain it will. Not to be green in the next review of the British traffic light.

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Lists of EU colors

Next to European “Green List”, There will be another “orange” With countries you cannot enter unless people are vaccinated. The “red list” will consist of countries where the variants of concern have developed and that, in general, even those who have been vaccinated will not be able to enter.

In the ‘Red List’ The countries currently in force are India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan.

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