“The Snake” movie trailer – a thriller based on the life of fraudster Charles Sobhraj – video

Taher Rahim plays a murderer and fraudster in The Serpent, which premieres on April 2 on Netflix.

Netflix March 5, 2021 (11 hours ago)

The Serpent is one of the most exciting series in 2021. It premieres on January 1 in the United Kingdom, as it is a BBC original production, and Once the British entity broadcast ends, they will finally be able to see it in the rest of the world through Netflix. Its main guarantee for this global launch is its impressive performance in its home country, adding 31 million viewers to iPlayer, the BBC’s on-demand platform, making it the most watched series on the service from ‘Normal’. Persons’.

Trailer for the series, consisting of eight episodes, It shows the true story of Charles Sobraj, the murderer and fraudster who sowed terror in Asia At the end of the seventies, he was acting mainly against the tourists who came to Thailand and Nepal. Taher Rahim plays this criminal who became one of the most wanted men of the 20th century. “La Serpiente” was created by Richard Warlow and directed by Tom Shankland, who will be able to enjoy his work in Spain when it is released in full on Netflix on April 2.

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