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Have you lost your cell phone and don’t know how to locate it? Google helps you find it safely. We tell you how you can achieve it with this simple guide.

Having a cell phone makes us responsible for something as small as this electronic device, but it is very effective for us to be able to establish and maintain contact as many times as we need, as well as search for any information.

Mobile phones have become an important part of our daily lives, without having to depend on them. So we have to make sure that this remains effective in all aspects.

On the other hand, we also know that these mobile devices differ in color, brand, size, design, functions and, above all, that they have a different but high cost.

Having a cell phone is not economical, and because we know that losing such a small device can become a very common thing, today we will tell you how you can locate your cell phone if it is lost.

The correct way to locate your lost cell phone

The first thing you should know is that this technique will only work with devices running the Android operating system. The second thing you should know is that this will be possible, even if your cell phone is connected to the Internet, which is a big “plus”.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that your cell phone must be configured, so it is recommended to do this as soon as you have time or when you buy a new cell phone.

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To configure it and not struggle to find it, find your cell phone’s “Settings” on the home screen.

Click and go immediately to the Google app. You can do this from Settings, and you don’t have to leave here.

Find the “Scan for offline devices” option and click “Enable”

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It will show you the options of “Mesh available in areas with a lot of graphics” and “Mesh available in all areas,” and you will obviously choose the latter. And that’s it, your cell phone will be configured.

Now we come to the point where you search for your cell phone. Log into the Find My Device app, but to do this you’ll need to have another cell phone on hand, whether it’s that of a family member or friend.

Exit the active session (with permission of the cell phone owner) and enter your data to log in, this must be the same session you lost on the cell phone.

Every time you log in it will show you your cell phone location, and that’s it. This way you will have located your cell phone.

If it is inside your home, you can click on the option that makes your device ring, and thus you will find it more easily.

However, if your cell phone is far from home, it is best that you do not activate this option, and that when you go to the location you do so in the company of family or friends to avoid inconveniences.

This method of recovering your cell phone turns out to be very effective, but it requires a great deal of responsibility and caution.

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As additional information, this function will only be available for mobile phones running a recent Android operating system.

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