Xbox Game Pass is going to have one of its best months in September with these great games

Xbox Game Pass users are looking forward to the arrival of September, knowing that the service will have one of the best months of the year thanks to the arrival of very attractive titles. Right now, 5 eye-catching games that will no doubt keep subscribers very busy are confirmed for the service on consoles and PC.

Starfield will be the big September launch for Xbox Game Pass

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starfield And more exciting games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September

Countdown to launch starfield It’s already getting underway, as the great Xbox Game Pass premiere will be next month. Bethesda’s title can be enjoyed at no additional cost to service for consoles and PC on September 6.

It will be another amazing premiere of this month F lies, the long-awaited Souls-like game from Round8 Studio and Neowiz Games that has garnered a lot of attention for its mechanics, story, and setting. As if that weren’t enough, users of the service will also be able to enjoy heists on PAYDAY 3another day one release for Xbox Game Pass.

The current list of confirmed games is supplemented by two interesting standalone suggestions: Party animals And cocoon. The good news is that Microsoft will be confirming more games for September, so there are sure to be some surprises.

Thanks to these releases, Xbox Game Pass will have one of the most popular in 2023. Here is a list of titles with their respective dates and platforms:

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September 6:

  • starfield (Consoles, PC and Cloud)

September 19:

  • F lies (consoles and pc)

September 20:

  • Party animals (consoles and pc)

September 21:

  • PAYDAY 3 (Consoles, PC and Cloud)

September 29:

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