The second attack of Marie Carmen Romero in the United Kingdom

This Saturday there is a fight. Lumbreense boxer Mari Carmen Romero, 37, will finally be able to defend her European superweight title the next day tomorrow at the majestic OVO Arena in Wembley (London). It’s the third time he’s put his precious belt on the line and the long-awaited fight against Britain’s Eli Scotney arrives 20 days late, as the evening initially scheduled for October 9 was completely canceled after a positive for Britain’s clomiphene Conor Bean, who was going to play a match The star in the event against fellow countryman Chris Eubank Jr. Thus, the British Boxing Association decided to suspend the main fight due to “failure to control doping”. The Battle of Romero was postponed to Saturday 29 October.

Maribechu traveled to London last Tuesday and yesterday had his first training session in the British capital. Today the evening is presented to the media and tomorrow the official face-to-face confrontation with his opponent. The fight will begin at 9:00 PM on Saturday and will be broadcast live on DAZN. You will not miss your family, friends and neighbours, because Puerto Lumbreras City Council “has taken the decision once again to present, in the assembly hall of the Civic Center, the battle that Marie Carmen Romero will face against Englishwoman Ellie Scottney at Ovo Arena Wembley in London”, announced yesterday the Mayor of Physical Activity And sports in Puerto Lumbreras, Juan Rubín Boroico.

He recalled that «Lumberense is defending the European Championship there and will fight on Saturday for the fourth belt in a row, to make history in this sporting style. A fight in which the boxer defends the European superweight title. So Lumbreense, once again, is making history in the world of boxing.”

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If she wins, Maribecho will equal the record for Joanna Pastrana, the only Spaniard to have been a four-time European minimum weight champion.

With everything against him

If Lombrerenci wins on Saturday, she will equal madridista Joanna Pastrana, the only Spaniard to have won the European Underweight Championship four times, although she achieved it in two different stages. Marie Carmen Romero will make it happen in a row. She has a very strong rival, Eli Scotney who defeated Argentinian Maria Cecilia Roman and Giorglina Guanini with some ease.

Romero’s tally is 8 wins and 2 losses. Scottney, the Englishman threatening her European belt, had 5 wins and zero losses. The 24-year-old Briton is part of the influencer Eddie Hearn, a British sports promoter and president of Matchroom Sport and Professional Darts Corporation. He is a well-connected man in the boxing world. She has everything against lumbrerense, but she is not a woman who gives up. Nor is he afraid.

“This is a very hard sport, and more so as a woman. It cost me a lot and it still costs me, but in the end I always get ahead. You did some great workouts this summer. I had to put in five hours a day to be able to prepare for this fight in the best conditions, and it was a huge blow to come home three weeks ago without a competition. But I’m not the one who makes excuses. I’m in good shape and I want to keep the title,” Romero said before defending his title in London.

It is better to stay away from home

She’s had everything calculated to reach her best peak in the fight scheduled for October 9, so “the cancellation didn’t go well with me,” she admits. “I was ready, in terms of weight and like a race car waiting for them to start, but these are things that happen in boxing and you have to face it. Fortunately, in less than 24 hours they gave me the new date and rescheduled the fight for Saturday. From the first moment they told me the battle had to be done with a yes or a yes, and we just had to extend the preparations for another two weeks,” Lumbreense sums up what happened in that month of October, a little chaotic for her.

“I always went where I was called. I have three Europeans, but without picking an opponent, two of them went away from home. I was waiting for the World Cup opportunity, but when this fight broke out in London I did not hesitate and accepted. There will be a great atmosphere and I will be able Enjoy it from the ring,” says Romero, who prefers to play as a visitor. “Away from home, I feel calm. I go without any pressure and I can forget about the rest, preparations and fear that people at home will not be disappointed. I feel comfortable fighting as a visitor,” admits the boxer, who on Saturday got a date with the history of Spanish boxing.

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