The Science Museum invites you to register for the “Cross, Traditions and Flowers” workshop

In the month of the plastic artist, especially in the month of Afro-Venezuelan Museum of Science (MUCI) subordinate Foundation of National Museums (FMN), It invites you to register for the workshop “Crosses, Traditions and Flowers”, scheduled for Thursday, May 19, at its headquarters in the Plaza de Los Museos, the entrance to Parque Los Caobos in Caracas.

“Crosses, Traditions and Flowers” ​​aims to satisfy the participant in a theoretical-practical workshop related to the celebration of the Cruz de Mayo awakening events in the Central Region (Miranda State), which includes the development of niches or altars where they are venerated The cross and its particular ways of wearing it indicate a press release issued by MUCI-FMN.

This workshop will be coordinated by the MUCI Education Unit, moderated by Johan Aguilar, Maria Gómez and Yelitza Delgado, and will be open to people from 8 years old.

It will take place in Hall 2 and the Jacinto Convit Digital Room, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, with a capacity of at least 10 participants per workshop.

In addition, participants will be able to learn about the traditional musical rhythm performed at that festivity (foulia drums), poetry (called tithes) and extensive content related to their worship and devotion; Samples of some of the musical genres dedicated to Cruz de Mayo across the country, supported by devotees and devotees of this legendary tradition.

To register or for more information, those interested can contact the MUCI Administration Building (1st Floor, Education Office) Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM: 00 PM or call Tel: 0212-5734398 / 5755119 (ext. 105). You can also write to [email protected]

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Special attention: Compliance with the anti-COVID protocol will be required for the duration of the workshop: mandatory use of face masks, maintenance of social distancing and hand disinfection with alcohol or antibacterial gel.

MUCI continues a varied program designed to entertain adults and children in the city, especially on dates, such as May, when residents reiterate their adherence to tradition and culture,

Venezuelan Traditions:

Every 3 May, in different regions of Venezuela, the arrival of the Cruz de Mayo, a cultural and religious tradition dating back more than 150 years, is celebrated. The main motive is to honor nature; May is the beginning of the harvest season and so is the onset of rain.

This tradition offers different variants in each region that is celebrated (the coasts of Aragua and Carabobo, the east coast of Falcon, Miranda, La Guaira and Nueva Isparta, as well as the coasts of Anzoategui and Sucre). Its meaning transcends faith and spirituality from generation to generation, as an act of cultural transmission of religiosity, reflection, and protection to be invoked for the rest of the year.

Depending on the region in which they are celebrated, these festivities are accompanied by distinct musical manifestations of the region, such as galerones, punto y llano, fulías, malagueñas, romances, and overtones. The instruments used are the four, the mandolin, the guitar, the square drum, the maracas and the accordion. Drinks and sweets are also distributed. Music, prayer, food, and other items vary by region.

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