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The Museum of Science (MUCI), affiliated with the National Museum Foundation (FMN), held on Saturday, June 8, in its gardens, the “Festival of Mathematics”, in cooperation with the DividiVe Civic Association, with the participation of a group of children, young and old, in a dynamic of fun and practical exercises related to this Scientific specialization.

Text: FMN Press

The activity was carried out by a team of specialists, headed by Yolanda Ceres, coordinator of this non-profit organization, regarding “Mathematics Day”, which is celebrated on May 31. This festival was an opportunity to introduce the practice and importance of mathematics in our days.

“The purpose of this festival is to learn mathematics in a fun way, with entertaining activities, because we know that mathematics is part of the historical and cultural heritage of humanity and what we want is for the largest number of children and young people to like it,” Seres explained. “We have arranged different tables with different games, where we work On numerical fluency, spatial ability and proportion.

The “Mathematics Festival” aims to be held at least once a month in the spaces of the Science Museum, as its main goal is to bring young people and children closer to this discipline, without leaving the fun aside so that learning mathematics ceases to be a surprise and becomes a fun process.

On the other hand, Martha Díaz, educational psychologist and collaborator with DividiVe, highlighted that this is “a very enriching activity for children, given the weight of mathematical education, as we offer a very beneficial environment for the participants.”

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In this sense, the dynamics of teaching and learning are mostly related to everyday life, trying to make it meaningful for those who decide to participate in these sporting activities, as the DividiVe coordinator pointed out when he mentioned that sometimes the children who attend do not master reading the time on analog clocks, so An activity has been created for this purpose.

Finally, Dianis Silva, a housewife by trade, motivated to participate in the festival because of her love for mathematics, attended because of the call shown on social networks and also explained that she wanted to check the receptivity of young people regarding this type of event.

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