They strengthen the infrastructure of the College of Veterinary Medicine at UJED – El Sol de Durango

To improve conditions and efficiency at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Technology (FMVZ) of the University of Juárez, Durango State (UJED), University President Rubén Solís Ríos delivered a P90,000 pasture cart, specially designed for the post area that will facilitate the work of feeding the animals.

Procured and installed with the institution’s own resources, it is designed to ensure that animal feeding on the college’s fields is carried out more efficiently and in less time. Previously, workers had to use two carts daily to transport the green fodder needed for food, a situation that was further complicated by the deterioration of the previous cart.

The purpose of this investment is to ensure that the team is able to do its job more efficiently, since the food truck is specifically designed to meet the required needs, we hope to reduce the time and effort of keeping our animals well-fed,” announced Rector Solís Ríos. .

For her part, Director Maribel Guerrero Cervantes stressed the importance of refurbishing this equipment, “It was necessary to ensure that our animals received adequate food, so the deterioration of the previous vehicle made this task difficult.” With this new pasture wagon, it not only has more capacity, but also has two spindles that make it easier to handle in the agricultural area.

The Mennonite community was responsible for manufacturing the vehicle, working closely with FMVZ and thus ensuring that it met all the specifications required for the college’s fields.

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He pointed out that this effort reflects the university’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that its colleges are well equipped and have the necessary tools to carry out their tasks effectively.

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