The School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences promotes a commitment to quality education

Durango Horn

“The excellent results achieved by the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences always provide growth in the indicators of the University of Juarez of the State of Durango,” said UJED Secretary General, Julio Gerardo Lozoya Vélez, when accompanying the unit community. The academic, chaired by Director Raul Solís Moreno, at his breakfast at the end of the year on behalf of Rector Rubén Solís Rios.

Lozoya Velez highlighted the daily work of the federation’s members, who “committed themselves to quality in everything they did, and their contributions were an important part of raising the benchmarks,” he said.

In addition, he called for unity on behalf of University President Solís Rios, and said: “Together, university life will be strengthened in the face of the complexities that have emerged this year, and it is necessary to redouble efforts in 2023.”

For his part, FCFA Director Raul Solís Moreno said, “We are continuing with achievements, such as the re-accreditation of the Forestry Engineering curriculum by the German organization, until 2026, which endorses the quality of the training offered to students.

In the same way, he noted, for the good management of the forests in which their sustainable use works, a certificate of ownership of “Las Paillas” has been obtained, which reflects the responsibility of the institution.

He commented that there is a new unified academic body, and profiles are being accredited in the National System for Scholars, “We highlight the efforts of all full-time teachers and hour/week/month, and they have all shown their commitment, for this. That is why we offer our congratulations and reinforce our commitment to continue working together,” he concluded. Solis Moreno.

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