If you have a Chromecast, this app is a must have on your mobile phone

Today it is possible Turn any TV into a Smart TV Thanks to devices like Google’s Chromecast. A device that allows you to enjoy all kinds of services through a remote control, as well as send content from your mobile phone to the screen. However, not all apps support the latter feature, although there is a way to make that possible.

Third party apps help make our smartphone an all-terrain terminal capable of doing anything and this time it will be no different. There is an app that gives you the luxury Share on TV Both videos recorded by your mobile phone and live broadcasts of news, sports, series … Also, in case your phone is not compatible, there is an alternative method that we will teach you in this post.

Simple app to control your Chromecast

To get the most out of Chromecast, all you need is the Web Video Cast app that you can find on the Google Play Store. A very complete program allows Watch all kinds of videos on your TV From web pages, be it movies, broadcasts or IPTV content, as well as sending a video within your device’s local files.

Not only web video broadcasting Compatible with Google Chromecast, but also with Amazon Fire TV and an extensive list of streaming devices. In this way, it guarantees its use for the vast majority of users, since it also supports the following types of content:

  • Live broadcast.
  • Movies and TV shows.
  • MP4 video.
  • Sports and news.
  • IPTV.
  • Pictures and audio files.
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To start sharing content from your smartphone to Chromecast, you need to find the video you want to stream from the Internet or from your file gallery. Once you locate it, try to reproduce it within the web. finally, Connect your mobile phone to the Google device to start transmitting the signal.

Web Cast Video
Web Cast Video

Before you finish this application, it is important to know that there is a file Premium version gives access to a number of featuressuch as the following: browsing without ads, saving content to favourites, viewing recent video history, shortcuts from the home screen, most visited sites…

simpler way

There is no need to download the app to be able to share videos or other content from your phone to Chromecast on your TV. Basically, because your Android terminal has a property It is used for our smartphone screen version on tv. This privacy is found within the Google Home app that you originally used to configure the streaming device. The steps to follow for this are:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your mobile phone.
  2. If you previously set up your Chromecast, it should appear in the list. Hold down the device.
  3. Select “Send” and then “Send Screen”.

xiaomi chromecast

However, there are apps that will not appear even though they are displayed on your phone, because the device understands them as sensitive content. In addition, there may be some delays in both video and audio, so it’s not an ideal solution if you’re looking to watch a movie or series, although we don’t want to download an extra app.

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