The Santander Foundation and Oxentia have announced 20 projects that have reached the final stage of their blockchain challenge

best projects

The selected 20 – whose projects can be consulted at this link – featured solutions to improve productivity and employment, as well as to solve community-related problems, and address three challenges: Improving privacy and security for network users blockchainpromoting decentralized finance (DeFi) – without financial intermediaries – and coding (the digital representation on the blockchain) and improving and expanding digital interactions with users through concepts such as Web3 and the metaverse.

In the Startup category, the finalists are: Salus – Health Data Governance (Spain), a cooperative that allows citizens to use their medical data in research; phentium (UK), the global interbank treasury platform for swaps and repurchases; you flourish (USA), which helps lenders to get closer to invisible people for credit; Heimdall techniques (Argentina), dedicated to tracking ecological renewal using blockchain technology; troubled (Argentina), the first company to create stablecoins backed by Agro-Commodities; proportionality (Spain), which is reinventing air travel retail using blockchain technology; dredge (Brazil), with supply chain monitoring and creation of NFTs for consumer information through a digital passport; win over (Spain), a smart sports investment platform powered by blockchain technology; Sharp Share (Chile), blockchain technology for intellectual property management, and Proofmarked Ltd (UK), with verified masks of trust and legitimacy of networks.

On the other hand, in the Scaleup category, the finalists are: nChainUK (UK), allows central banks to issue a digital form of money to citizens for use in retail payments; xcapit (Argentina), a self-guarded and open source wallet to allow access to DeFi; Validated ID (Spain), operating with decentralized digital identities; Enterprise Juice (UK), Smart Digital Assets for Fintech and Banking; Origin (Argentina), enables traceability of supply chains through coding; KornChainLimited (UK), a programmable digital currency that supports the next generation of payment platforms; the value (USA), a crypto wallet for global payments and access to decentralized financial applications; Almond Fintech (USA), an international remittance company that allows payments through blockchain; W2 Global Data Solutions (UK), identity and age verification that is shared between merchants anonymously, and WishKnish Corp (USA), an accounting technology platform that provides solutions for e-commerce, supply chains, and communications.

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The six winners will receive prizes of 120 thousand euros: 30 thousand euros for the three start Winners (10,000 euros each) and 90,000 euros for the top three range ups (30,000 euros each). In addition, they will have access to the Santander X 100, an exclusive global entrepreneurial community featuring the most unique projects in the world. Santander Xwhich connects them to the resources they need to grow: advice and training, capital, clients, talent, Networks and other valuable resources.

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