FGR opens investigation file against Peña Nieto

The Office of the Attorney General (FGR) has opened an investigation file against the former president Enrique Pena Nieto allegedly Operations with resources from an illicit source, This morning, I revealed the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF).

At least 15 people and companies will participate in the transfers to the former president of Mexico.

The head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Pablo Gomez, reported that a scheme was allegedly exposed by the former president From more than 26 million pesos Via international transfers.

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He revealed that “derived from the powers of the Financial Intelligence Unit, an analysis was carried out of the financial reports and notifications of those who carry out endangered activities, through which a scheme was revealed in which a former President of the Republic obtained economic benefits.”

At the morning press conference, the official explained that one of his relatives had transferred three sums to Peña Nieto. the first in August 2019, for 16 million; The second is in October 2021 for 5 million, and the last is in October 2021 for 5 million.

The Transfers were made by a relative The former president of the account in Mexico to Spain. According to the Financial Intelligence Unit, this person also conducted operations with the brother of the former president, to whom he wrote checks for 29 million pesos.

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From deposit, cash receipt 36 million related Because they are cash operations, the source is unknown. It was revealed that the former president had relations two companies, in which it was identified financial irregularities.

The Public Prosecutor in charge of organized crime, through the specialized unit to investigate operations of illegal source, counterfeiting or currency exchange, is the one who initiated the investigation file after the complaint submitted by the Financial Intelligence Unit. Federal authorities have confirmed that the folder is still being merged and the data cannot be given political animal.

Association with two companies

Similarly, the Head of the Financial Intelligence Unit indicated that Peña Nieto has institutional relationships with two companies where financial and financial irregularities have been revealed.

In one company (Company A), Peña Nieto has shareholder status that he shares with family members. This company was founded before Peña Nieto was elected president.

Company B was founded by Peña Nieto and his relatives before the man from Mexico became president. “It has a symbiotic relationship with transnational ethics that benefited from federal government contracts during the Peña Nieto administration.”

Company “B” was a service provider with Peña Nieto: it received resources worth 10 thousand 533 million between 2013 and 2018. In addition, from 2015 to 2021, it sent 261 international transfers to the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Pablo Gomez said: Company name reserved Because it is inside a search folder. “They are merchants (companies), the main business of all of them is trade,” he said.

“The full investigation file has been delivered, and the FGR has opened the investigation file. The investigations are not responsible for the FIU, the FIU is simply collecting information,” Pablo Gomez said.

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We will not make crimes: AMLO

Meanwhile, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that what was presented in the morning conference is not an accusation from the Mexican government of the former president.

These are investigative questions, it’s financial intelligence, and it’s not about hiding anything, but rather acting responsibly. We will not invent crimes against anyone“, He said.

He stressed that “you should not go out and say ‘Ex-President Peña is accused of money laundering’, no, there is information about operations he carried out with 26 million pesos obtained from 2019 until now”.

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