The royal family didn’t want Elton John to sing at Diana Wells’ funeral

One of the most emotional moments at Diana Wells’ funeral in 1997 was seeing Elton John playing the song on the piano.candle in the wind“However, until today, no one knew that this honor was hiding a controversial story related to the British crown.

According to the National Archives of the United Kingdom, released by media such as BBC s WatchmanThe royal family refused the British singer’s participation in the concert because they considered his musical number to be a huge emotional burden.

Then this doctor was Wesley Car, the former dean of Westminster, wrote a personal appeal calling for the singer to be included. In the beginning, the song that was planned to be sung was “your song“But the Buckingham Palace Ceremonial Service chose to stay with.”candle in the wind“.

“(Elton John) is known to millions and the princess enjoyed his music…He wrote new lyrics to a tune that are widely played and sung across the country in memory of Diana. He’s on the radio all the time,” Carr wrote in your statement.

He doesn’t sing it anymore

Finally, the dean’s proposal paid off; Sir Elton John appeared at Diana’s funeral and performed a remake of the hit 1973 song “candle in the windHis speech was one of the most memorable moments of the ceremony.

Since then, the English singer has not performed this version again. The original song is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe which says “Goodbye Norma Jean“To interpret it during the funeral, he had to change the verse to.”Bye Rose England“.

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