The richest man in the UK reveals his desire to buy “50% of Barcelona”

Sir James Ratcliffethe richest man in United kingdom Currently trying to be the biggest landlord Manchester United At odds with investors The State of QatarHe revealed that last year he contacted the board of directors headed by Mr Joan Laporta To obtain 50% ownership CF Barcelona. FC Barcelona’s response was a resounding “No”. We had interesting conversations with Barcelona And we told them that instead of selling their assets (in the middle of activating the so-called “cranes”), we would pay them 2,000-3,000 million to redesign SpotifyCamp No As well as buying 50% of the club’s property,” says the 70-year-old English tycoon, in part from a book about the Grit group, Rigor & Humor: The INEOS Story, presented by The Times.

Ratcliffe He added that in his dealings with F.C.B He promised not to transfer his interest to a third party at a later time: “We also wanted to sign a statement in which we promised that we would never sell the club but Barcelona He refused the offer because its owner is the partners. Obviously, any progress in hypothetical negotiations must go through a process of file change Laws The club with the approval of the members.

Ratcliffe understanding position Joan Laporta Stating that he “couldn’t make that suggestion to the fans, though the path they’re on is a disaster. The mandates are short term, so he arrives, manages for five years and then passes Brown on to another”. It was critical than selling assets before Barcelona: “They’ve already sold some television and merchandising rights to an American Eagle fund for the next 25 years. So they’ve already got quite a bit of cash to waste.” He adds:Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​United, City… They all had similar budgets, around 930 million euros. he Barcelona After this administration, it has about 530 million.

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an interest Jim RatcliffeWith a fortune through his petrochemical company, he is well known in the world of sports. owner Eneos He has the peloton’s highest-budget cycling team, and he’s in America’s Cup Sailing whose 2024 edition will be held in Barcelona, ​​has 33% of the team Mercedes Formula 1 And in football he is the owner Nice – good and the Lausanne. Eneos He is also a member of All black to improve their athletic performance Eliud Kipchoge In 2019, he even managed to break the two-hour barrier in a marathon in a race with all possible techniques.

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