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The Professional Council for Economic Sciences has launched a campaign toward society at large, and not just the sectors they serve, as it has warned that only registered professionals are duly authorized to practice the profession in a liberal manner. “Joining, other than proving that a person is qualified to practice the profession and has the necessary training for it, represents a sense of belonging to the institution, with all that entails: support for the professional, for their work; and for society, when we register, we fulfill our commitment to a code of ethics”, explains Bruno Bovarini, Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Youth Committee in the Foundation for the past decade.

“My registration number is 18733,” adds Bovarini, a student at the Graduate School of Economics in Rosario. It is well known that the aim of the “I am Registered” campaign is to give priority to the profession and to purify the professional field of unfair competition. But at the same time he points out that this is not a specific defense of the sector, but rather a public interest: “We are trying to create awareness in the community,” he says. He points out that, unlike other professions, such as doctors, who must put their stamp in order for the order to be valid, or lawyers when they sign a document, in the field of economics “many times the client does not know”, the distinction between registered and unregistered accountants. He explains that “registration is what gives the possibility to practice a free profession, not a degree title.”

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In its field, certification of membership is a “guarantee to the client” that “puts highly sensitive information, financial and personal, in the accountant’s hands”, according to which the code of ethics strictly operates. “If a professional uses this information in an inappropriate way, he will be punished. On the other hand, if the person who does this is an unregistered person, there is no police force in the professional job,” he points out. He clarifies that in such cases, the person must criminally and before the courts if he commits a crime, but not before the Ethics Court of the Council of Professionals.

Bovarini notes that with his study, they had to come out to solve the problems of clients who did not get there, but were badly filtered “for training reasons, were not properly updated,” and who carried out the work. . “Our profession is constantly changing,” he notes. And remember that “the only person responsible for the tax return is the taxpayer,” so this is the person who bears the risk of giving bad advice or, in extreme cases, bad work. The taxpayer has no means of litigating against the non-registered before the Professional Council for not being registered. There is no professional relationship between the client, as he is not qualified to practice the profession, ”Bovarini asserts.

All these distinctions were part of the earlier planning of the Council of Economic Sciences. The difference is that the Foundation has now decided to expand and strengthen the campaign through communication through the media, social networks, and publications on the Foundation’s website – expertise of the various professionals will be added. “The long-term goal. On the council’s website, we have a link that anyone can verify by name, surname and registration number if the professional in front of them is registered or not,” notes Bovarini. And to complete this, as part of the code of ethics, no professional can advertise himself in a way that demeans his colleagues, or outside of principles of transparency, such as “Posters in Afip”. “When someone hires a professional service, they give their confidence. He concludes that if a person is registered it is a guarantee for the client.”

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