RE Village: Revealed the accuracy and FPS of each platform

It’s been a few minutes since recently Resident Evil Gallery, An event where all kinds of news related to it were presented Resident Evil Village As well as other projects of the franchise. With weeks of release remaining, gamers are eager to land that title, and here’s what to expect from it in terms of resolution and frame rate per platform.

Capcom Share a table where Resolution and FPS are mentioned Resident Evil Village Depending on where you play, here you can have a look.


Basically, it will be as follows:

PS5 and Series X: 4K HDR a 60FPS / 4K HDR a 45 FPS (with ray tracing)

Xbox Series S: 2K HDR a 45FPS / 2K HDR a 30FPS (with ray tracing)

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X: 1080p, 60fps / 4K, 30fps (when higher resolution is selected)

PS4: 900 pixels and 45 fps

Xbox One: 900 pixels and 30 fps

Stadiums: 1080p y 60FPS / 4K y 60FPS

Remember that week’s players Play Station He will be able to enjoy a pre-demo of village s Here you can find out all the details about him.

Resident Evil Village Debut after that 7 de mayo para PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC y Stadia.


Fountain: Capcom

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