The process of recruiting professionals for the National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences begins

The National Service of Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Senamecf), the process of recruiting individuals throughout the national territory to integrate a thousand new professionals in the region.

The information was released by the director of CinemaKev, Commissioner-General Lysette Moreno, during her participation in the radio program “Criminal investigation of the people“.

“A project to increase the power of Senamcf, with a new income this year, has been launched thanks to the support of the Vice President of the Sector for Citizens’ Security and Peace, A/J Carmen Meléndez”And the Indian.

He explained that the process of hiring professionals in medicine and in the field of social work, among other specialties, will take place through the social networks of the Forensic Medicine Foundation. Tweet embed On Twitter s Senamecf.Mijp On Instagram.

“Those who have a service profession and an interest in helping others and achieving proper administration of justice through the various experiences we do in this service, just have to leave their data through our social networks and we will gladly contact them,” said Senamecf Director, referring to a Visiip press release, They undergo rigorous testing and entry into the country’s main forensic institution. / JML

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