The presidential declaration of Pedro Castillo in Peru appears to have been attacked – Escambrai

The margin in favor of Pedro Castillo is nearly 60,000 votes in the official count. (Photo: PL)

The way was cleared for Pedro Castillo’s proclamation as the elected president of Peru, after the Electoral Tribunal declined to extend the statutory term of Keiko Fujimori to present new challenges against his rival.

This was stated by jurist Julio Arbizu to Prensa Latina, after informing sources from the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE) that the plenary session of this body decided by a three-to-one majority to waive the extension of the period to request the invalidity of the election. records.

He specified that 151 of the 741 requests to cancel Fujimori were accepted, and the rest were rejected, mostly for being too early.

Those affected and their allies lobbied for an extension of the term, which was accepted and then reconsidered in the face of serious criticism and observations that questioned its legality.

Arbizu added that if the electoral justice system approves 151 requests, they will not give Fujimori the votes needed to restore Castillo’s advantage in the official count.

The margin in favor of the candidate reached nearly 60 thousand votes in the official count, after the National Office for Electoral Operations achieved eight million 821 thousand 006 votes for Castillo and eight million 761 thousand 171 for Fujimori.

Since reversing the numbers is impossible, JNE can announce the new president, but given the tense political context, it is likely that it will wait for revocation requests to be resolved, which it has until tomorrow.

If Fujimori appeals to those rejected, the delay will continue until next week.

While waiting for the result, thousands of Castillo’s supporters inside gathered in front of JNE in a ceremonial stand, while Fujimoristas did the same in front of the Lima Centro jury.

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