Roberto Sandoval, the former governor of Nayarit, is linked to the process of improper exercise of functions

The Former Governor of NyaritAnd the Roberto Sandoval, she was linked process During the second hearing before the probation judge for a crime Improper practice of public service.

The Nayarit State Prosecutor’s Office stressed to Latinwhat or what او Sandoval He was linked to the operation only for an investigation file accusing him of job abuse, during a hearing that lasted more than seven hours.

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A probation judge at the Criminal Justice Center imposed a period of four months to close the supplementary investigation and maintained the precautionary measure of preventive detention within Federal Center for Social Resilience No. 4, located in El Rincon, Tepec, Nayarit State.

Sandoval has two other files open for investigation, one of which relates to embezzlement.

Monday , Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nayarit Complete a second arrest warrant against Sandoval at the expense of Investment and Reinvention Fund to Create and Support Social Enterprises of that state for an approximate amount of 83 million pesos.

On June 6, a Former Governor of Nyarit and your daughter Lady Sandoval, at linarisAnd the new lion, in a joint operation of the FGR’s Criminal Investigative Agency (AIC), the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), the National Center on Intelligence (CNI), and the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) of the Department of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

Both are accused of committing an operational crime using resources of illicit origin. The arrest warrant for the arrest Sandoval And your daughter is different from the one who completed Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nayarit.

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a Roberto Sandoval He is accused of possessing property allegedly in the name of his daughter Lady. She was a college student while he was in office, from 2011 to 2017, the period in which these offenses are noted.

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A district judge who specializes in the accusatory criminal system as a probation judge at the Federal Center for Criminal Justice in the state of Nayarit He considered that crime “has a special significance and social impact, given the excessive volume of reported operations at the expense of the economy in public finances.” Nayarit“.

“Only with an arrest warrant will it be possible to bring these people to justice,” the judge said in a statement..

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